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Velours Bar

Velours Bar


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Arencia velours bar, a dense, low-acid all-in-one bar with different dimensions. Fresh recipe that provides a moist, soft texture and a refreshing finish with a slightly acidic texture. Experience a new all-in-one shower that combines walnuts & lemon chestnuts. Invited to Citrusy Haven.


Occasionally, the white pattern on the surface of the shampoo bar is a phenomenon that is expressed on the surface during the drying process of the citric acid and liquid surfactant. It's not mold, so please use it with confidence.
Arencia is trying to maintain the best quality by sourcing all the ingredients used in the shampoo bar in small quantities. Therefore, please understand that the color of the same product may vary depending on the color of the raw materials received, such as green tea, green tea powder, and so on.